• TaxiForSure - Perfecting the customer lifecycle Retention, Referral, Revenue

Key results

increase in bookings done per user
increase in App referrals
more conversions through Targeted campaigns
more bookings for Targeted campaigns 
click through for coupons
availment of coupons

About TaxiForSure

TaxiForSure started its operations in Bangalore in June 2011 with the vision to make commute convenient in India. A technology-based platform brings together existing vehicles and customers who need a ride. This strategic approach along with cutting-edge technology ensures that TaxiForSure customers get an accessible, safe, and economical ride for sure!
TaxiForSure enables customers with a seamless booking experience across mobile apps, website, and call centre. App users can book a ride using the app on Android, Firefox OS, iOS, and Windows phones in under 15 seconds.

Goal: Perfecting the user lifecycle tail-retention, referral, revenue

TaxiForSure aimed to engage with their customers, to decrease churn and increase retention, referrals and revenue. They want to understand their customer behaviour better and send targeted campaigns to increase conversions.



TaxiForSure has run multiple campaigns through MoEngage to keep their users engaged. There has been a 9% increase in bookings done per user after they started using MoEngage.
To re-engage inactive users, TaxiForSure has run targeted campaigns to users who tried their app only once and have achieved over 4% CTR (Click through Rate). They have run multiple campaigns for lapsed users and have achieved 18% CTR.


There are no better advocates of your brand than your customers. TaxiForSure has run referral campaigns targeted to its most engaged users with the help of MoEngage’s advanced segmentation. They have seen an average click through rate of 23% and on an average 13% of the users have referred TaxiForSure to their peers.


There are two ways one can increase revenue – get new customers on-board or get more out of the existing customers by adding more value.
Through referral campaigns, TaxiForSure has on boarded quality new customers at low CPA (cost per acquisition).
Now to get more out of the existing customers, TaxiForSure has run targeted campaigns with the help of MoEngage and there has been a 9% increase in bookings done per user. There is a 10% increase in revenue per active user within the first 3 months of usage.

  • “MoEngage is just perfect! Be it the ease of use or segmentation to the lowest level possible. It’s a powerful tool for us, and I use it on a daily basis for all our engagement needs.”

    Ashwin Casmir, Marketing Manager, TaxiForSure